WHOIS services with non-standard interface Part 3

Recently came across a service whois7.ru and decided about him at the same time and write a couple of words. You can define it as an advanced Whois, due to its capabilities.
Let us turn to the description of a paste chips and opportunities:
This service is integrated very large number of zones. Thanks to the lightweight design all loaded very quickly.
There circumcision comments (information on limits, copyright and personal data) whois-server in popular areas. Parsing whois-information even in areas where there is no service on port 43, but only a web-whois. Checking domain even if it is introduced by mistake «www», the same cutoff gaps and tabs. Checking IDN-domains. There are clues to what country or group of gTLD / sTLD is that domain. The very tip to the area leads to the page iana.org, where there is a detailed description of the zones: the root DNS, administrator, and other registry website
After checking domain, it can go to the links. Have the opportunity to view the history of the domain on the link above to archive.org
And of course, immediately see the contents of the zone domain web-utility dig. Useful for checking when you need to find out whether the area is refreshed and whether it is created at all. Issuance dig made without unnecessary information (question, stats), which optionally can be enabled. It is also possible to make the most of the trace kornevikov. Naturally there is a possibility whois`a IP-address (this can be done from the main form)
When you enter a domain on the tab IP Whois – nslookup and occurs in the same whois IP.
Made light of other domains to issue huiza. For example, the domain email`a. *) It is possible to make a separate request to the whois-server is not in our database, tab Manual
On all pages present your current IP, when you click on that is IP-whois and output HTTP headers.

For one already tell you about the new service check information transmitted by your computer to the Internet – Whoer.net. This service is suitable for checking and Socks Proxy servers will talk about your VPN server, check the IP-address of finding a black-lists, will indicate whether the included ActiveX and Java on your computer, what are its language and system settings, which installed the OS and browser , DNS, etc. determines
For the convenience of users, developers have prepared an easy and expanded version of the resource, which displays a large amount of additional information. Also there is the opportunity to select the language and SSL-connection, according to your wishes. Lightweight design, simple address, large functional and fast speed, that’s what Whoer.net.

Gonzotools – mass test domains on employment

Service Gonzotools before taking the selection of the best template for your blog you need to first come up with the right domain name for your project. If you are very tight with imagination, you can try different domain name generator, otherwise you just have to check the domain on employment before his purchase. Such a function is, in principle, there are many registrars, but this tool is not very functional. And for mass testing altogether better to use some specialized services, such as Gonzotools. The project was launched in beta, but it does not prevent to use all its features right now. There is a fairly easy to use interface and some unique features.

Thus, service Gonzotools enables verification of the employment domain, while identifying many different parameters. If you enter a domain and protocol zone, the latter will be cut off. Select the zone in which the domain will be checked in the tabs (“Popular”, “CIS”, “International”, etc.). To select all the zones in the tab, click “All zones”. To remove all the checkboxes in the tab, click “No one.” To select all the zones in each tab, click “Generally all areas.” To remove all ticks in all tabs, select “None”. Please note that in some areas the tabs duplicated, in that the choice of, for example, .com zone in the tab “Popular”, after checking, it will also be selected in the tab “International”.

The scan displays information:

Domain with one of the selected zones by clicking on which you can get to the page that is hosted on this domain. Status of the domain (“busy”, “free”, “sale”, “error”). To see the answer Whois server, move the cursor to the status of a domain, a pop-up window with the data or whois server response error (such as when the quota is exhausted checks – some whois servers are struggling with frequent razprosami to them. In the case of an error, repeat the test in 10 minutes or a).
Date of registration of the domain and release (but not all whois servers give them).
Particles and the number of domain snepshotov in web.archive.org. Tietz domain specified if it is defined and is greater than zero. Clicking on the number of snepshotov in Web archive, you vopadete web page archive with snepshotami site hosted or posted on the proven domain.
Communication with the owner of the domain – “mail” or “through the site.” clicking on these links will open a new message in your mail client with the address of the recipient and hammered the theme, or page opens, where you can send message to the domain owner.